Tubi TV Alternatives | 4 Apps like Tubi TV

Tubi TV Alternatives: Since you’re reading this, the probability is that you are a movie fanatic and know about Tubi. Tubi TV is a platform to stream movies from your laptop, smartphone, and even your desktop. This means that most people are huge fans of Tubi also because it provides unlimited movies for free. But, there are some problems which you might face due to the huge traffic on the site or umpteen other reasons. So, here we present to you Tubi TV alternatives which you can enjoy if you are bored with the network or have some issues with it.

Tubi TV Alternatives

Tubi TV  Alternatives & Similar Apps Like Tubi :

Top 4 Similar Apps Like Tubi:

  1. Pluto TV
  2. Playbox HD
  3. Spectrum TV
  4. Terrarium TV

Pluto TV: Very similar to Tubi TV. Pluto is more like a traditional TV with many channels available. Pluto TV available for android, ios, ott devices like Roku, Amazon fire tv and smart TV. This app is absolutely free TV and they stream legal content.

Playbox HD: This app is popular for movies lover. This app provides thousands of movie title. This app is absolutely free. We don’t know are they stream from legal content. But for your safety use a VPN when using this app.

Spectrum TV: Netflix contender, has a lot of entertainment content. You have to subscribe to use this app. But the price is considerable, and not expensive.  Spectrum TV is best paid Tubi TV alternative.

Terrarium TV: Looks like Playbox HD, kind of movies streaming apps. This app is free for use. Terrarium App is not available on play store so we not sure that they stream legal content.


If you find the best free Tubi TV alternative, Pluto TV is the best. But if you have more budget, Spectrum TV is the best paid Tubi Alternative.

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