Tubi Samsung Smart TV

Tubi Samsung Smart TV is great apps. Tubi is free movies and TV Shows app, that provide 100% legal free content. Tubi is officially supporting Samsung TV, so you can easily install this app to your Samsung TV. There are many Samsung TV user that install this app to their device. It can replace your cable TV and cut off your cable bill.

Tubi Samsung Smart TV
Tubi Samsung Smart TV

How to Install Tubi for Samsung Smart TV

Tubi TV App is available for Samsung Smart TV by default. You can add this app in an easy way by following this step below.

  1. Open Samsung Apps
  2. Move to App Categories

    Samsung Apps Categories
    Samsung Apps Categories
  3. Go to Video Categories
  4. Down to Tubi TV
  5. Download App

Tubi Samsung Smart TV Activate

Tubi is a free app, but you can get more experience and more customizable menu if you registering your Samsung Smart TV to Tubi. Don’t be a worry, you will not pay any cent for registering and activating Tubi on your TV. There is no credit card or any payment needed. Read on how to register Tubi Account to create an Account. Then Activate your Tubi by following Tubi TV Activate.

Last Modified on October 24, 2019
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2 thoughts on “Tubi Samsung Smart TV

  1. RM Caravaglio

    The Tubi Tv app no longer appears on my Samsung Smart Tv –
    which is a 2015 model Why did you remove it. I am very disappointed

    • admin

      Hi, please check your Samsung Smart TV Versions on this list Tubi TV Samsung Smart TV Support Models List. If your TV Models doesn’t exist, try to install Roku Channel on your Samsung smart TV, then search for Tubi TV on Roku Channels List.

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