Netflix TV App | Review

Netflix TV App, what the hell? Internet streaming has been around for a while. But it’s only until recently that high qualityHD movies were made available to the public at a cheap subscription cost. Netflix is one of the pioneers in online movie streaming.. Allowing users to stream movies directly to their laptops, PC’s, and even gaming consoles.

Netflix has 26 million subscribers worldwide, and offer over 100,000 DVD titles. This is alone pretty sweet. Now we don’t have to go down to the local Blockbuster to rent a DVD, instead, we can just watch the movie straight from our computer. This allows us to do 2 things:

  • Save Time – We don’t have to physically walk to a DVD store and buy a movie.
  • Save Money – The small subscription charge for Netflix is TINY compared to how much we’d have to pay to buy physical DVDs.

If that’s not enough, they even offer a free trial. Check out our other reviews before making any decision!

Netflix TV App
Netflix TV App

Netflix TV App Advantages

Fun, Secure, and Flexible It’s great that unlike other services, Netflix makes all of their streamable content available for mobile devices without extra fees. Also, they don’t require your precise position or mobile data. Where other services fail due to interruptions in feeds, low data rates, etc., Netflix still plays. Netflix Is a stable app. There is a large selection of movies/shows, and the picture is very clear along with the great sound. It is quick and easy because if you are going to go on a vacation or something you can download a certain movie you want and play it without service or internet.


The first, Netflix only accepts Credit Card payments method. It’s frustrating for someone who does not own a credit card but wants to subscribe to the awesome contents. Furthermore, there are some Netflix alternatives such as Tubi TV and Pluto TV, that really free. The second is there are some lacks on casting to a TV. Some of Netflix users reporting that they have some problems when casting to a TV. Some of Netflix users also reporting about the offline mode, they have to redownload the content that already downloaded.