Apple TV app arrives on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and other devices

With a week ahead of the launch of Apple TV+ on November 1st, Apple TV app coming to Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K. This app has started to roll out to others platforms beyond Apple’s own streaming media player. For Example, Roku devices got Apple TV app early this month.

This app will be available on Fire TV Stick 4K, THE Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen), and the Fire TV Basic Edition users in the Canada, Germany, France, U.S., U.K, Italy, Spain and India.  More support models will be available soon. However, the app not compatible with Fire TV (1st and 2nd Gen) or Fire TV Stick (1st Gen), Amazon says.

With Apple TV app, you will able to access iTunes library, including any shows or movies you’ve purchased or rented. However, you can’t purchases or rentals straight from Amazon devices, you’ll have to make those purchases or rentals through another device with iTunes on it.